The Eternal Path

Endless ridgeways and whispering trees

stretched to the lonely eternal valleys.

Soaring rugged mountains with blushing gravel

and verdant meadows settled eons ago,

surrounded the webbed maze of pathways.

The leaves rustled in the wind.

The midnight crows perched on the decaying willow tree

and cawed as their voices echoed,

signifying a milestone.

The clouds softened,

beliefs thickened.

The mist scattered,

lies dissipated to truth.

The rows of tombstones

and the stones that once composed the walls,

lay scattered and broken.

As I treaded the one-way path unaccompanied,

a stone house with a thatched roof rose,

a haven for creation.

The vistas of awe-inspiring eternal mountains,

the glittering sea breathing timelessly,

and the scent of everlasting sweet pine trees,

I felt a wave of contentment wash over me.

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